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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Candelaria Turquoise by Durango Silver Company

Candelaria Turquoise by Durango Silver Company

Candelaria Turquoise has become one of the most collectible and desireable Turquoise in the world in recent years. Recent years have produced outstanding material from dumpers who have snuck into the closed Candelaria pit. The Candelaria mine(s) are claims located in the large Candelaria Open Pit Copper, Silver, and Gold Mine. The large ore company used to lease out the claims to a few companies infrequently. The finest Turquoise is now located in a part of the mine so difficult, that it is almost unattainable. The Candelaria Turquoise is a good quality stone of high blue color with an intermittent black or brown, non-webbed matrix in general. The high-grade Candelaria is a translucent dark blue with a reddish brown spider web matrix. It is a hard, attractive stone. The Candelaria Hills also produce some of the most attractive Varascite, which comes in a wide spectrum of colors. The Candelaria mine has a rich history going back to the middle 1800s.. This is a very hard stone, high silica content. This mine produces some of the most unusual and beautiful stone patterns, no two stones are ever alike. Candelaria Turquoise is very valuable because it is not frequently available and the mine has been closed for many years. It is not certain any Turquoise will come from the mine again. - See more at: http://www.durangosilver.com/candelaria-turquoise.html#sthash.DpyDZBK3.dpuf

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